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Our Wealth Management Services

At Fort Wealth Management we provide financial planning and wealth management services to individuals and families in the Austin and Houston areas. Our comprehensive planning process incorporates your insurance, legal, accounting, tax, and investment needs.

We will work with you to organize, optimize, implement and maintain your financial resources according to your goals and specifications. Our goal is to create a customized financial plan to provide you and your family with the financial security and peace-of- mind you deserve.

Tax Planning Strategies
What is better than getting the most money back from the Federal Government in your lifetime? Never giving it to them in the first place.
Financial Planning
Comprehensive financial planning attempts to consider all aspects of your financial position, which includes your goals and objectives.
Lifestyle Wealth Management
Will you be able to maintain the standard of living and lifestyle you have come to enjoy for the years ahead?
Life, Health & Long-Term Care Insurance
The life and health category of insurance includes various types of insurance that deal with personal risks related to death, medical care costs, disability, and old age.
Investment Management Services
A central component of financial planning involves advising on or actually managing a client’s financial assets.
Legacy Planning
Are you comfortable with the estate plan you have in place? Will your existing estate plan support the goals, objectives, wishes, and needs for you and your beneficiaries?